translated from Spanish: Government and Presidency of the camera: «Need a good opposition»

Minister spokesperson for the Government, Cecilia Pérez, referred to the situation of the Chamber of Deputies, where the opposition tries to reach an agreement on the table direction TIVA, after Deputy Gabriel Silber fell his candidacy, accusing a political operation, after a mail sent to members of Parliament in which he is accused of domestic violence. Perez said that the issue of Silber is personal and is not up to the Government to interfere in it, and said that «we need to have Congress governance, an opposition that makes construction of good bills».» We need a good opposition, that’s the call we make. «What is happening in the Chamber, beyond political issues, we hope that they can solve them with a sense of urgency» said Minister Secretary General of Gobierno.La spokesperson for La Moneda, also referred to the meeting which will be held tonight with parliamentary officials at the Presidential Palace of Cerro Castillo and indicated that the idea is to «strengthen the commitment that we have to further deepen this culture of coalition Government that has allowed us to loyalty and trust». That line Minister Pérez addressed the sayings of the Senator for Santiago, Manuel José Ossandón, who raised that citizenship does not even feel the arrival of «best times».» The Senator knows that when a country is impaired, is not in six months, and when a country has to recover, is not accomplished in a short time and so know you our parliamentarians,»he said.

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