translated from Spanish: More than 100 children are buried after collapsing school in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria-a three-storey building that housed a primary school collapsed on Wednesday in the Nigerian city of Lagos, leaving more than 100 children trapped, According to the regional government. Rescue teams trying to retrieve the bodies, but it is feared to be killed since the children were in class when the collapse occurred.
The rescue unit of the Lagos State relief operations are underway in a building that has collapsed in the Lagiaji area, in the island of Lagos, said the Government of this State in his account of the social network Twitter.

It is a three storey building, which housed a primary school in the latter, located on the island of Lagos, a nucleus of the city which is connected by road with the rest of the city and making witness of the tragedy of the lagoon of Lagos.Un dam , Prince Adams, quoted by the local newspaper The Punch, said that they have brought to 10 students from the rubble without specifying if they were alive or dead, while the area is completely full of people.

It’s terrible. The parents are crying», Adams told the daily.

Local media reported that more than one hundred children could be caught, while some students have already been moved to a nearby hospital. 

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