translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s office warning about virus that impersonates the CFE

a virus is spread via e-mail and seeks to supplant the identity of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), to send the user to another page on the internet and stealing your data, it alerted this m the Attorney General of the Republic Wednesday.
“The malicious virus identified as Betabotas well as appropriate information poured into a computer equipment, aims to seek rescue for the retrieval of information”, said the Prosecutor’s Office, in a statement.
Read: What are the zombie virus and how to know if your computer is infected “The General Prosecutor of the Republic works, through the unit for cyber research and technological operations (UICOT), to achieve their elimination”, added.
To avoid infection, the Prosecutor’s Office made these recommendations to citizens:-do not respond to requests for personal information via email.
-Make sure that the links in emails received come from secure sites.
-No reliable entity requests confidential data by email, phone or fax.
-Have installed a system antivirus and updated operational.
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