translated from Spanish: Video: Pereg, the femicida of the Israeli tourists, acts like a cat

from the outset, Gilad Gil Pereg attitude before the murder of his mother Pyrhia Saroussy and his aunt Lily Pereg, known as «the Israeli tourists», drew attention. Despite the fact that it was he who filed the complaint for the disappearance of both, its past and its present delineate their particular profile: used false identities – one of them was the name of Adolf Hitler to the reverse – and lived in debt and on the verge of indigence , but it was owner of 5 companies in Mendoza.
In addition, as he is revealed in the investigation, has an IQ of 180 (almost twice the average) and had a great capacity for business. To this is added, now, the strange behavior that wields in the prison of San Felipe: it failed to register the prison service staff, Pereg walks naked through his cell and acts as if he were a cat. 
The video, shared by the newspaper Los Andes, portrays what happened Wednesday 6 March, when they planned to submit to a medical examination: «Pereg have to do health checks, does have clothes?», is heard him say to a cash. However, he does not answer. Just stays seated, performs a blow and throws his arm as if to scratch his interlocutor. «It will not perform health checks since the inmate does not answer and does not have the same clothes», conclude the professionals.

According to revealed by Infobae, neighboring inmates argue that Pereg makes their needs on the floor, refuses to bathe, licks, and even walks on all fours like an animal. For these reasons, Maximiliano Legrand, the israeli Attorney, said before the mendocino site that prompts a habeas corpus so that it referred to the psychiatric hospital in El Sauce.

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