translated from Spanish: Ana Gabriel triumphs with his music in Colombia

Sinaloa singer/songwriter Ana Gabriel was presented successfully in Bogota, Colombia, where sang his most talked-about hits to thousands of people. Through a video that puts Instagram account, you can see how people react to listen to it and see it sing.


Ana Gabriel arrived in Bogota with your tour time. The so-called Diva of Mexico was presented this weekend at this place and managed thousands of people cantarn with her songs.
«Thanks Bogota, a great night which we give away, how not be grateful with God, with you, with Colombia», writes Ana Gabriel to thank his fans for the support.

«The public who accompanied Ana Gabriel concert replied on Instagram: thank you Ana Gabriel, you are the best», «was a super concert, I enjoyed it, God bless her always», «a delight listening you in Colombia», «Colombia loves you».

According to reports from various news portals, Ana Gabriel delighted his audience with themes such as just friends, spell, Ay, amor and Destino.Ana Gabriel, despite not having a new musical production, and no success on the radio, still filling auditoriums It is also still one of the artists most wanted by the public in Mexico and other countries.

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