translated from Spanish: “Annabelle 3”: the diabolical doll returns home and premiered the first trailer

is confirmed. The third installment of the spin-off of “The spell” to reach theaters. “Annabelle 3” released its first trailer and does not disappoint. Aiming to equal or surpass the success of his previous films, the advance terrifies, but it does so gradually.
A shocking start, which takes up a little the developed story. “Everything you see here is possessed, cursed”, is announced and in the foreground we see the face of evil doll which should not remain out of its container. Annabelle is locked up in the room of the Warren and a priest blesses the fourth, to rid the evil that lies in a collection of objects. However, despite the ban on entering the room, curiosity seduces a friend of the little Judy, daughter of the marriage. 

“Annabelle 3” premiered its first official trailer “I sometimes see things, just like my mom”. The curse will be unleashed once more, will seek to charge a victim and the objects will be part of a terrifying plot that appalled once again to the members of the families.

Gary Dauberman will be the director of the film, which will debut as a filmmaker after writing the two previous films. It is estimated that “Annabelle 3: returns home” will reach the big screen this year. 

Original source in Spanish

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