translated from Spanish: Maradona dedicated the Golden triumph to Nicolas Maduro

Tampico.-the underwriting of the Dorados of Sinaloa, the Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona, devoted today to the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, the triumph of his team this Sunday before the Tampico in the League ascent.» I dedicate the win to Nicolas Maduro and throughout Venezuela who are suffering, because the ‘sheriffs’ of the world which are the Yankees believe is that we can be ahead; to us, to us not us buy that tyrant of President (Donald Trump) «.» Having said that, Maradona gave way to the soccer part and referred to his reunion with whom was his technical assistant in Dorados, Mario García, now technical director of the Tampico. 

Today Mario García was a good tactical glider and coincided with the game that showed at the time when he was with me, so much so that when I arrived at Sinaloa I asked him taking us a coffee we analyzed rival teams and also the our Garcia and Argentine Luis Islands left to Maradona for the current closure amid suspicions and doubts on the personal relationship that led in the previous semester, so Maradona said to have no problem with his colleague.
Mario García told me where to put players in positions, whether in bands or by the Centre and today he ran into a team like ours that is worked with variants, but not lost Mario, or soccer, on the contrary, won the spectator Today people who came to Tamaulipas must be happy because they saw five goals Los Dorados de Maradona they won 3-2 to the Tampico, reached 18 points and climbed to the fourth position to enlist in site’s liguilla, phase in which the best 8 fight c ampeonato. In the absence of two days to finish the tournament, Maradona has registered 15 points from a possible 30 since he returned to the bench.
Today they saw passion, incredible players that make the ball a toy and saying that we were in last place, well established and then we talk. We are in zone playoffs again and fight for the gold Championship they lost the final of the opening past with San Luis and now seek to win the opening for the party by the promotion to first division.

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