translated from Spanish: Minister Larraín ruled out dividing project of tax reform: “Separate it does not solve the problems”

The Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, ruled out Monday divide the tax reform project, since in his view, separate it “does not solve problems”. 
At one point of the press in the Palacio de La Moneda, the Secretary of State said that “we believe that this is a joint project, a massive project and therefore we believe that separate it does not solve the problems. What we have to look for is to be able to agree to process the project and of course we want the idea of legislation to be voted this week, that what has been announced but does not depend on us.” 
This is a week to the initiative of the Government, since on Wednesday should be put to the vote the idea of legislating in the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.
Since the ruling party still have failed to reach an agreement with the opposition regarding the project. In this regard, Larrain said that it expected to reach a consensus. 
“It is a project that stimulate investment, growth, employment, protect SMEs and legal certainty. We are talking with the opposition and hope, and the Government will make effort to reach an agreement, but within it which means no blur project”.

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