translated from Spanish: RCM of health, without contract and supplier for neonatal sieve

the Secretary of federal health suspended the implementation of neonatal screen tests, – that they are newborn infants to detect diseases that could cause disability or even death – up to make the bid that assign a new contract to the company in charge of the study.
The contract it had with the National Centre for gender equity and reproductive health, to perform this test newborns across the country through the federal health system, concluded on 26 March. Although the Ministry of Health confirmed that it will provide a new tender to renew it, time there are no resources so that the test will continue.
Read: Residents of 10 hospitals stopped work due to lack of payment; Ministry of health promises to pay debts the State secretariats of health received notification about this suspension and asked, what is the new tender and defines a new provider, the local systems who take of the tests with their own resources.  
The Secretary of health for the city of Mexico confirmed to political Animal that he received the office of federal dependency warning suspension and said that, in his case, already working in the administrative matter to give continuity to the tests.  
Each State health system is now responsible for allocating resources for neonatal sieve test, or suspend it until Federal Secretariat carry out the tender and renew the contract for this purpose.
This Saturday the federal unit of health clarified that, in addition to the termination of the contract, will review the process of tendering and acquisition of neonatal screen tests, made by the previous administration because of public complaints and evidence of practices inadequate administrative.
In a press release, the Ministry of health described as false that they will suspend the tests to the newborns; and explained that not to interrupt the provision of this service “has referred to a contingency plan with the collaboration of the institutions of the Sector health”; Although he confirmed that there could be I provisions or delay the acquisition in the necessary inputs.
Read: AMLO seeks to federalize health and education to prevent diversions of resources health also said political Animal who works with civil society and academia to review, improve, and expand the national program of neonatal sieve.
“March 25, ended the administrative contract with the company or companies that supply the inputs, but that does not mean that that day (…) tests have been completed”  Review of the bidding process may cause a delay in the acquisition and possible shortages, will be resolved with the support of the IMSS, the ISSSTE and other health agencies”, reported the Ministry of health to this medium.
the importance of the neonatal sieve
semiampliado neonatal sieve that the Ministry of health in Mexico is a test that detects in newborn infants six diseases: phenylketonuria, galactosemia, hyperplasia of adrenal glands, cystic fibrosis, glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (also known as favism) and hyperthyroidism.
Early detection of these diseases, which are endocrine or fault in the metabolism, helps prevent neurological damage, psychomotor delays, and even the death of the child, after receiving adequate treatment.
The test is performed between 3 and 5 days old. A minimal amount of blood is drawn from the heel of the baby, then placed six drops in a filter paper and this is sent to a specialized laboratory which the diagnosis is ready within 24 hours.
In private clinics, these tests have a cost of between 900 to 3 pesos.
According to data from the Ministry of health, are annually made between 500 thousand and 1 million semiampliado neonatal screen tests. They were conducted 1 016 million in 2017 969 testing, thanks to which were detected and attended thousand 371 diseases. In 2018, the number of tests fell to 494 thousand 846, with a total of one thousand 741 detected diseases.
With the application of neonatal sieve has been reduced by 5.3% mortality, formerly caused by the six diseases studied.  
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