translated from Spanish: They canceled the Phoenix Awards of the Ibero-American film

city of Mexico.-cancel out the Phoenix Awards, reported via Twitter, after five deliveries of Phoenix Awards, the awards to the best Ibero-American film will not return in 2019. “They canceled the Phoenix Awards, reported Monday the organizers in his Twitter account.” We are facing an economic reality and change on cultural policies in Mexico that make it impossible for the financial viability of the Phoenix”. “In a statement issued by Cinema23, the Mexican Association that grants these awards explained that he decided to cancel the ceremony”at the lack of response and support”of the new Mexican Government and the inability to finance it only with funds private. “Public and cultural policies have changed dramatically in our country since they do not allow that the organizations of civil society (CSOs) have access to public resources”, said.

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues from the @PremiosFenix in this delicate and sad moment. From 2014, it was an institution dedicated to promote and celebrate the film industry with dedication and commitment. We are with you. – Street (@Ambulante) April 1, 2019 on the other hand, the feasibility of the Phoenix’s only commercially through private sponsorship is impossible, so it is necessary participation and continuity of the State for carry out an initiative of this magnitude”. The Phoenix Awards debuted in 2014 in the theatre of the city Esperanza Iris capital of Mexico and since then counted with the support and participation of big stars. They have recognized films ranging from the Colombian “Summer birds” to the Mexican “The golden cage” last year, as well as to actors including Daniela Vega, Sonia Braga and Viggo Mortensen. Cinema23 stressed in his letter the impact five galas, “with more than 4 million viewers in all editions and 7,500 press releases (printed and online) in 30 countries”. He also noted that the Association, created in 2012 and composed of more than 1,000 industry professionals in 22 countries of the region, has built a platform that goes beyond the Phoenix Awards with “spaces of dialogue, training and collaboration”. Among many others, mentioned as allies to Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Paz Vega, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Marina de Tavira, Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Rossy de Palma, Sebastián Lelio, Maribel Verdú, Fito Páez, Ricardo Darín, Salma Hayek and Cecilia Roth, as well as representatives of film festivals, critics, promoters, academics, distributors, exhibitors, and others. “This platform leaves a digital legacy in the web page of Cinema23-Awards Phoenix ( with 36 free and trilingual publications on contemporary cinema… a collection of about 200 interviews with filmmakers from the region of the last 5 years… and a listing of more than 3,500 feature films of fiction and documentary eligible to the Phoenix of 2014 to date”, said Cinema23. 

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