translated from Spanish: Falklands: the tomb of D.B.5.9. which became «Rubén Márquez»

the Falklands war which began a 2 April 1982 left 649 Argentine soldiers killed, of which 237 lie in the cemetery of Darwin.ruben Eduardo Marquez was one of 123 fallen in battle q EU until 2018 was buried under the legend «Argentine soldier» known only by God. However, thanks to the humanitarian Project Plan, Marquez was soldier No. 100 to be identified. Elda Gazzo, Ruben’s mother, died before the recognition of your body. But her nieces, Lorna and Victoria Marquez, received the belongings of his uncle buried in the D.B.5.9.A Tomb 37 years of the beginning of the conflict with United Kingdom, they still remember Marquez after its expected and deserved recognition.
The humanitarian Project Plan born of incipient form in 2008 in London, where three former Argentine soldiers were reunited with former combatants of the United Kingdom, including Geoffrey Cardozo is located. Cardozo was who gave them a report that the data he collected when he buried the bodies in the cemetery in Darwin, giving home to the project «Forget me not». In December 2016 Argentina and United Kingdom agree the start process identification of the Argentine soldiers. The International Red Cross would be responsible for providing the team of forensic experts who took samples of the buried 123 soldiers without identification. The exhumation process starts in June of 2017 and that will conclude with the identification of DNA samples two months later. In March of 2018, 248 families attended the Darwin cemetery to remember the fallen in Malvinas, which by this time had identified 90 soldiers. Darío José Castagnari, Malvinas hero who died in battle on May 29, 1982 was the first fallen buried in Darwin, whose body was exhumed and moved to the Mainland. The history of Castagnari as the Marquez are just some examples of a history that left a wound that 37 years later is still not closed.

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