translated from Spanish: Producers of copao, amaranth, native potatoes, murta and Jerusalem artichoke will participate in Nam Santiago

With more than 20 small entrepreneurs agricultural Arica to Los Lagos will participate Indap in the market of the Festival Latinoamericano de kitchen NAM Santiago, whose ninth version will take place on Thursday 4-Sunday, April 7 in the cerro Santa Lucía de Santiago under the slogan “change the world eating”.
Products that will expose the enterprising farmers include oregano premium of Socoroma, quinoa casserole of Colchane, olives and stippled and oil of oliva (Seville and Chamomile) of the Valley of Huasco, flour and granola of amaranth in the Valley of Alicahue, digestive tea and energy bars of topinambur of San Vicente de Tagua-Tagua, vegetables (cherry tomatoes and beets of colors) gourmet Quinamávida, infusions of Romeral berries, dried maqui and Villarrica, honey with blueberries and merken murta’s Mariquina and native potato of Castro, among others.
Three peasant vineyards that obtained gold medals in the contest will also attend Catad’or ‘ Or Ancestral Wine Awards. It is the Association of winemakers of Santa Juana, with pipeño El Carretero; Viña Reyes Mora, of Guarilihue, with its dry Semillon 2018, which was also awarded in the Concours Vinalies Internationales in Paris; and Viña El Quillay, pass, with its 2018 Cinsault.
In addition, Rural world stores network will have a space where it will offer hundreds of nationwide processed products, such as jams, sauces, nuts, dried herbs, sauces, condiments, pasta, delicacies and chutneys.
As in previous versions, NAM Santiago maintains its spaces for cooking classes and exchange of knowledge (Trasvasije cuisine), cocktail and wine bar (Nam Bar), sea products sold by fishermen from different points (Caleta Nam) country and area cookhouses and trucks to eat to step, forming a picture for the whole family.
In the prelude to the festival (1-3 April) is carried out in the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) and the Liguria Lastarria Bar, NAN innovates, with lectures and cooking workshops, management and entertainment in charge of important players in the food industry. The major guests of this ninth version are the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio and the Spanish sommelier Josep Roca.
List of producers of Indap 1.-Arica: Adelaide brand (oregano).
2.-Tarapacá: quinoa Kumara.
3.-atacama: Uncle Pedro olive oil and olives.
4.-atacama: Payantume olive oil.
5.-coquimbo: Manquenor (juices and jams copao and aloe vera).
6.-Valparaíso: Amaranth worlds (Amaranth products).
7.-Metropolitan: Natura honey (products of the hive).
8.-Metropolitan: poultry Santa Matilde (field eggs).
9.-Metropolitan: fresh point (hydroponic vegetables).
10.-Metropolitan: shop Rural world.
11.-O’Higgins: Nutramore (topinambur products).
12.-Maule: agricultural Huairao (gourmet vegetables).
13.-Maule: orchards Bethlehem (infusions of berries) 14-Maule: flavors of Mataquito (jams and preserves).
15.-Ñuble: Viña Mora Kings (heritage wines).
16.-Ñuble: Viña the Quillay (heritage wines).
17.-Ñuble: Gandum (wheat and rice coffee).
18 Biobio: Grouping of the vintner’s Santa Juana (pipeño).
19. la Araucanía: Products Chihuaico (processed maqui and murta).
20. the rivers: Mailen Mapu (products of the hive).
21.-los Lagos: meadows of the South (cheese and delicacy with goat’s milk).
22. the Lakes: Marianela Pérez (native potato).
23. the Lakes: Island Gourmet (garlic pastes and jams of southern fruits) 24.-Los Lagos: cooperative South honey (products of the hive).

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