translated from Spanish: The soap opera continues: May announces that it will request a new extension for the «brexit»

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced Tuesday that they will request a new extension for the «brexit» further than April 12, but so short «as possible», to try to agree with the opposition a via output a ion EU that has majority support.
It may appeared before the media at his Downing Street residence after an extraordinary meeting of about seven hours with his Cabinet Ministers to try to unlock the «brexit» process.
«I have always made clear that a rupture without agreement could become a success in the long run, but the best solution is to do it with an agreement, so we will need a new extension of article 50 (the Lisbon Treaty),» said the head of Government.
United Kingdom will leave the EU in a way not negotiated within ten days if it does not endorse an agreement, which will have to be accepted by the EU.
You may stressed that extension that contemplates would end when the Parliament ratified a Treaty of output, what must happen before 22 May that United Kingdom is not obliged to participate in the next elections in the EU.
The head of Government offered to the leader of the opposition, the labour Jeremy Corbyn, agree on a joint plan that can achieve a majority in the House of Commons.
If that project does not reach fruition, the Executive will propose then the members to vote on a number of alternative options, which so far has not disclosed.
«The Government is prepared to obey the decision of the Chamber,» said the conservative President.
European leaders should meet again on 10 April in Brussels. You may should previously asked the postponement announced on Tuesday and they will decide whether to accept it.
A «brexit» without agreement is «increasingly likely», said Tuesday in Brussels the European negotiator for the «brexit», Michel Barnier.

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