translated from Spanish: Lapidary Unicef Declaration on control of identity: project contravenes the Convention on rights of the child

The control project of the Government entered the Chamber of Deputies last Friday, and identity that seeks to expand the powers of police to carry out preventive checks older than 14 years, continues to generate a widespread rejection.
Not only from the opposition they have demonstrated against this initiative, also did the defender of childhood, Patricia Muñoz, who stated that this control of identity for children violates international treaties, which had been reaffirmed by the Government. Now, this wave of rejections, joined Unicef, United Nations Organization which, through a statement – said that this draft law “does not advance towards the adoption of measures for the protection of children and adolescents against threats of discrimination “, in violation of the article of the Convention on the rights of the child (CRC).
To do this, added that the initiative does not prevent “arbitrary interference and attacks” to the honour of the children and their reputation, going against article 16 of the CRC. 
They also insisted that “the implementation of the preventive Control of identity for teenagers from the age of 14, contravenes the principles of the Convention on the rights of the child and other international treaties signed by Chile, such as the Covenant International Civil and political rights and the American Convention on human rights”.
“Unicef insists that teens who commit crimes must answer for their actions and be punished according to their age and the severity of their actions; along with receiving tools for their rehabilitation and social reintegration”, added the statement.
The Government however, since the Executive project ensures that this initiative not contravenes any international treaty ratified by Chile in the field of children’s rights.
In fact, the project entered the House last Friday, in his article 2.b reads that “for children and adolescents, the identity check shall be exercised with full respect for the Convention on the rights of the child and other treaties International ratified by Chile and are in force on the matter, whereas a treatment that takes into account your age, protecting it from any form of discrimination or abuse”. 
Point E of the same article also argues that “under 18s and over 14 years of age may not be
subject to the surface record of clothing. The above assumes a differential, and more favourable treatment for subjects over the age of 14 but under 18 years of age. In this way, it reconciles the best interests of the child and the rights enshrined in the Convention on the rights of the child, with the legitimate need to protect order and public security”.
Chadwick: “does not violate any rule of” the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, also responded to criticism from Unicef for the identity project, and said that it does not violate any international treaty.
“We have a different interpretation, we thought as Government and the previous Government of Michelle Bachelet also thought it, that there is no contravention to any Convention. Proof of this is that today in Chile Yes can be an identity check at a lower (…) There is no contradiction or violated any rule,”he said. 
To the differences in criteria since the Government held with Unicef, Chadwick confirmed that they talk with the specialized agency of the UN. “Only they are going to ask for the RUT, how will that be understood as an action that might put them at risk?”, it concluded.

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