translated from Spanish: River rose a 0-2 and takes a draw in Porto Alegre

with the Gallardo returned to the substitutes bench, millionaire played a dira stop at Porto Alegre before Inter, who arrived as the leader of the group. On the other hand, River harvested only two draws in the same amount of games and a win puts it in the conversation the tip. In the first few minutes, the team was surprised by a blast from Brazilian club that managed the advantage thanks to Nicolás López to 18. The Uruguayan took an it deflected and beat Lux to the 1 to 0 partial. 30, Edenilson anticipated Martinez fourth and went straight to “Bean” which, with a loose strength, could do nothing before the settled auction of the Brazilian for the second and the concern on the visiting bench. Ten minutes later, the millionaire is encoentro with a penalty by a hand inside the area and Lucas Pratto took the responsibility to deduct and put the team in game, although it left things on the Plattform to improve.
The 60 second time and with a goal of Nicolás de la Cruz Gallardo team reached the tie that accommodates it better in the group with three points from three draws product. While for now would be out of the next round, and Palestinian won yesterday and has 4, the millionaire left two local parties and must travel to Chile to play with who currently is second. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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