translated from Spanish: They perform a March against the adjustment at the BAFICI in the Gaumont

«cutout suffering years became obvious and impossible to apply makeup»; Thus began the official Disclaimer propagated by the collective of filmmakers along all the country. In the framework of the start of the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI), organizations claimed «emptying of cinema and culture» and carried out a March this Wednesday April 3 in front of the Gaumont, starting at 19 hours.» «Some sections seem more like a rehash of movies according to the guidelines of retro cultural consumption that a bet programming at the height of the festival (…) nor there are Argentine films in the international competition», continued.

In this edition the independent film festival will have fewer rooms and less movies than other years. While 2018 had 20 rooms, on this occasion there will be 12.» This is no coincidence. Independent films that nourish the BAFICI programming are increasingly less likely to access the promotion of INCAA, patronage, FNA and the Metropolitan fund scholarships. The scarce funds that receive is violently blended by the devaluation», added. The main reasons for claim, include the request of a national cinema without gender violence, that there are no cuts, which is assigned an Advisory Council, that there is a plan of development for independent film and more. In this note: BAFICI independent film

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