translated from Spanish: To commemorate the world autism day, illuminate blue

buildings in Morelia Morelia, Michoacan.-within the framework of the commemoration of the world autism day, Morelia’s Government joined the activities surrounding this date, illuminating color az UL various buildings and emblematic monuments of the capital of Michoacán.
Ramón Baltierra Sánchez, Secretary of municipal public services, emphasized that for Administration chaired by the Mayor, Raul Orozco Moron, is important to participate in all the initiatives seeking to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, opening up spaces for reflection.

It should be recalled that the world autism day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly, to take into account the need to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people with autism; the date for this commemoration is April 2.
Under this wording, the municipal official stressed that to be blue emblem that relates to autism, the Municipal Government took with this tonality to various buildings in Quarry, as a way to remember the relevance that has this condition in the field health and social life.

Buildings that wore blue on Tuesday were the Municipal Palace, the stelae of the Constitution, Las Tarascas and Obelisk Lázaro Cárdenas, the Cathedral of Morelia, all symbols that give identity to Morelia.

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