translated from Spanish: Analyze risk of strokes linked to electronic cigarettes

The administration of food and Drug (Administration FDA) United States received a series of reports on young consumers of electronic cigarettes that experience health problems. Some users reported a prior history of seizures and others pointed out that they had consumed other substances such as marijuana or amphetamines along with e-cigarettes.
The possible link was mainly observed in young consumers, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and head Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy said this Wednesday. The FDA said it has received 35 reports of heart attacks possibly related to the use of electronic cigarettes between 2010 and earlier this year and is concerned that these figures may be indicator of a larger phenomenon.
“We want to clarify that we don’t know yet if there is a direct relationship between the use of e-cigarettes and the risk of heart attacks,” Gottlieb told a Subcommittee of the House of representatives.
However, the Agency raised the issue to encourage people to report adverse events related to electronic cigarettes on the FDA web site. Seizures are a known risk associated with the ingestion of nicotine liquid used in electronic cigarettes.
‘Epidemic’ in young FDA is particularly concerned by an epidemic of youth vaporizers consumption associated with popular electronic cigarettes manufactured by Juul and recently proposed to restrict sales of products flavoured at retail stores. The Agency added in its statement on Wednesday that many of the reports of attacks could not identify a brand or specific brand that cause the problem.
The actions of the tobacco manufacturers who try to diversify with respect to traditional cigarettes to accept electronic devices fell on Wednesday. Altria Group, which holds a large stake in Juul Labs, fell 3% to $55 at 1:02 p.m. in New York, while Philip Morris International Inc. decreased 2.2% to $86.06.
An Altria spokesman refused to comment on the FDA alert. Juul’s spokesman, Joshua Raffel, said in a statement that the company has “systems of monitoring of robust security and who will carefully monitor any evidence of safety problems”.
Philip Morris is seeking approval from us for IQOS, a device for heating the tobacco that would compete with the electronic cigarette Juul and already sold in many countries. Altria has an agreement to commercialize IQOS if it is authorized for sale in that country.
“Clearly this is related to the reports of use of electronic cigarettes currently available or used in the United States,” said Philip Morris spokesman, Corey Henry. “Since we do not sell or commercialize no cigarette or any product that contains nicotine in the United States, is not really our place to address adverse effects or quality problems reported to the FDA on products that are not ours”.

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