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added to the change of sustainable energy is something that today runs through the DNA of major companies. In addition, the most influential in the world, have already committed to change energy 100% renewable, such as IKEA, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, among many more. This tells us the global trend on the importance of caring for resources and integrating actions that are aligned to the issue within the corporate culture. Chile cannot fall behind.
The incentive from the senior management of a company is key when it comes to deliver guidelines and aspirations of the Organization on issues of energy-efficient use, while, on the other hand, it is important that the concept is installed within the same mission . To do this, there should be a team with a strategic vision on energy efficiency able to convince relevant stakeholders about the paradigm shift of the care for the environment.
How joined the companies of our country to this boom in renewable energy?
Ideally, to invest heavily in their areas which not only results in a cost savings, but also in a huge annual energy savings. For example, on issues of energy efficiency, on Bci we replaced lighting and air conditioning equipment. In the field of renewable energies, we prefer thermal panels in our buildings, in addition to solar power plants as the main source of energy.  In this sense, there are certifications, such as the ISO 14001, 50001 & LEED qualified reduction in scope 1 (fuel) and 2 (electric) carbon footprint, reducing by 20% the consumption of the energy performance of corporations indicator and ensure that 50% comes from renewable sources.
While in the country large companies, banks and private institutions have a potential contamination that has been in decline, now encompasses initiatives and projects covering energy efficiency with relevant air conditioning and lighting equipment and renewable energy.
The focus of the strategies, sustainability, will allow companies perform a complete analysis of its measurement and management of their carbon footprint, for operations and/or value chain, providing to a Chile that is most committed to the environment and at the same time, contributing with a grain of sand in the sustainable world.

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