translated from Spanish: Diego Milito confirmed that Centurion is invited to the celebrations of Racing

Racing was crowned champion and already have the mind set on celebrating once and for all in the cylinder. Then a grocery store Obelisk, campus will have to deal with the last date and then it will be a night for memories of the fans and players. However, there is one issue that is not yet clear and is that of Ricardo Centurión.Sin know exactly its current relationship with the fans and without having returned to work with the professional staff, both Coudet as players of the squad, considered that he, like the others players who migrated in the last market, are part of this victory and should celebrate. Who supported this decision was Diego Milito.

Centurion scored 3 goals and gave 2 assists in his 16 games with the Academy in the campaign of the champion. Photo: NA «Centurion will be invited to the feast of the champion. It has been important to be champion», said the Secretary in an interview in TyC Sports. «He will decide if he wants to be part or not. I think that it must be because it has been an important part of the tournament,»added the idol of Racing.Por other side, not referred to Eduardo Coudet continuity and not the Centurion in the team. «We’ll see what is best for him and for the club.» «We also need to solve the issue of the coach, so we do our best for all parties», said Milito.

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