translated from Spanish: INEGI will include questions on disability in the Census 2020

a year ago, the National Institute of statistics (Inegi) caused the dissatisfaction of organizations of persons with disabilities (PWD) and the concern of agencies human rights defenders human, to publish its design of the new census of population and housing 2020 with a difference: questions on disability would only be in a questionnaire and not two, as in previous editions.
In the years 2000 and 2010 population censuses, the battery of questions on disability was included in the basic and extended questionnaires, however, the Institute excluded them from basic in its census 2020 project, what organizations were considered discriminatory because not all people in this condition would be counted. After a consultation and pilot testing, the Inegi announced Monday that the issue stays in both questionnaires.
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civil society organisations applauded the announcement, who is considered an achievement of civil society, who wrestled in all forums because It persists in the basic questionnaire disability.

Because of the importance of the sector on the rise and the need for policies publicas? the 2020 census will include basic questionnaire discapacidad‼️en and ampliado? #conadismxsintitular @DiscapacidadNos @CONFE_ORG @A_MontielR @INEGI_INFORMA Taide Buenfil (@Taidebg) April 2, 2019 as well as organizations, autonomous organizations that defend human rights and even the Permanent Commission of Congress urged the Institute to reconsider its decision, which originally justified as a “change methodological”. Including the Commission on human rights of the city of Mexico, that it expressed concern in April of 2018 by this exclusion, which he described as a setback in the collection points on the number of disabled people who live in Mexico.
December 2017 Inegi conducted a consultation on the design of the 2020 Census and during 2018 conducted pilot tests for their uprising, after which, during a meeting with organizations, announced them that the question on disability will remain in both questionnaires.
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the importance of that topic appears in both lies in its scope, explained to this medium Taide Buenfil, President of the Assembly Advisory National Council for development and the Inclusion of persons with disabilities (Conadis). While the basic questionnaire has the reach of a census that is say, that applies in every home in the country – the expanded questionnaire is a representative sample.
“It is a wonder that they are included in the two because the basic reach all people, is made directly to each individual and will give zoning, location, a total count of the population,” said the expert in Corporate Social responsibility.
In the last two general censuses was included in both questionnaires cognitive disability questions designed by group of Washington for statistics on disability (created to standardize criteria throughout the world), which refer to the difficulty that each person introduces to see, hear, walk, communicate, among other skills. To compare the development of disability during the past 10 years, it was essential that the 2020 census included those questions, said Buenfil.
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activist also applauded that the design of the census which will take place next year is included a question to know the gra OJ, disability that the person has. “That helps a lot to know and recognize how is our population in that area,” he said.
However, Inegi said animal politician that its effective realization will depend on the budget that Congress approves him for the year 2020. This reserve of the Institute takes place in the context of various budget cuts the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been applied to programs and social projects.
In this regard, Taide Buenfil said that the Institute has shown “all the political will” to carry out but requires Congress to approve the resources requested, otherwise are risk mechanisms that allow to have accurate information to the creation of public policy.
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“important thing here is that the State keep or available resources to make this census is complete. That is the risk we run, when there are cuts, it is what happens with disability: which are priority issues but they are dependent on the resource. “The State has to realise the importance of this issue, which is on the rise for the third age, and because depression will increasingly become a public health issue”, concluded the President of the Consultative Assembly of Conadis.
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