translated from Spanish: Mouth invited La Beriso to interpret their anthem on its anniversary 114

this Wednesday, April 3, the Boca Juniors club turned 114 years of life and leadership, headed by Daniel Angelici, decided to invite the Beriso to interpret their traditional anthem. «In the field our strong youth get excited. They electrify your colors, old mouth winner and in the fields of combat is glorious your banner»hear you sing»rolo»Sartorius, leader of the group, in the popular video.
With his distinctive sound, the band of Avellaneda was encouraged to sing the song created by Victorian «toto» Caffarena and written by Jesús Fernández Blanco.Si good many fans held the election, many others launched multiple criticisms: «the leadership more anti mouth of history»,»Duck (Fontanet) is recognized fanatic fan of mouth, but they put to the of the Beriso to make a version of the anthem?»and» I don’t know which is worse: If the of the Beriso version the hymn of mouth or the media who say that the Beriso is a band of » Rock», were some of the comments. The Beriso starred in several scandals lately: firstly, it slowed down the edges against Mauricio Macri during a recital and, later, issued reprehensible comments against homosexuals and vegans.

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