translated from Spanish: Roberto Lavagna: what offers and who would accompany him on his candidacy?

consensus, no magical figurines and a transitional Government. Three keys in the discourse of Roberto Lavagna, the (not yet)-candidate for the Presidency of 77 years, little more than six months ago was not on anyone’s radar as aspiring eventually in charge. Neither macrista, nor Kirchner, Lavagnista. Although we said consensus, Lavagna appears on the scene, as well as force surveys and numbers, as the third position, not communism or capitalism (though there will be those who think so) but in this case the tandem Macri-Cristina.Y while the former Minister of economy and Production does not define his candidacy if begins to give details about the political space that will seek to represent but what is the political career of the Economist? what was his political career?
We can make in short that it transited by many political posts “little weight” in terms of a possible presidential candidate. He was under-Secretary for coordination and policy of the Ministry of public works and transport in 1975 and negotiator Chief of the agreements of Argentina integration in 1986 and 1987.tambien was Minister of industry and foreign trade of the nation between 1985 and 1987 during the Government of Raúl Alfonsín. Between April 2000 and 2002 he was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the international economic organizations (Geneva) and to the European Union (Brussels).

His main position was Minister of economy and production in the internship of Eduardo Duhalde (2003) and in the first two years of Nestor (2003-2005). After the 2001 crisis was that in his years of management GDP grew by more than 8% year on year, that being his main legacy. Moves away from Kirchner’s Government after the legislative elections of the 2005.Buscando reach the Chair of Rivadavia his only electoral experience took place in the year 2007. From the Coalition for an advanced nation (UNA) obtained 3.290.320, which translates to about 16.89% being in third place, behind Cristina Kirchner and Elisa Carrió.Sobre end of 2017 was close to Massa who he accompanied as a potential Minister of economy in the 2015 elections. However, Lavagna looking for marking the pitch about who goes by the Presidency and who could aspire to Minister, dismissed a possible internal with the ventilator front leader. at what political space is recognized?
“Nobody is going to have a majority in the Chambers, the limitations to govern boot today are greater than the 2015. The idea is to see how we approach wills with spaces that include that we are reaching a limit as a society and decide to play”, said less than 24 hours ago Lavagna.El diagnosis is correct, it will miss meet the flexibility and political waist of former official to not be the aspiration of the unit or on the door of a ballotage being relegated to a third front of Macri and Cristina.

Doing politics also is not launched. Lavagna knows it, hopes and accumulated accolades. Reference of the latest crisis of magnitudes comparable with this as Eduardo Duhalde President presages it, Union sectors of weight (Barrionuevo for example) accept it and seek to sectors of the active political class (Unac, Lifschitz and even Schiaretti, among others) advance on a large national front the lead. will be able to build “consensus” necessary?, reaches for a second round of votes if Cristina goes and Macri reaches?, and if UCR is broken, will this be your platform?, how much youth of 16 who vote know it for the first time in a presidential? Here it will also take the transition of these months, but although you don’t say so, Lavagna is.

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