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Along with the recognition of several strong names in gastronomy and oenology Chilean, as they were Coco Pacheco, Rodolfo Guzmán and Marilú Marín, in the awards of the circle of gastronomic chroniclers appeared names which are des They tacaron among the winners. Chefs, winemakers, and especially restaurants, emphasized at the twenty fifth version of the event.
Bar Chalaca: from the port of Callao to Santiago Chalaca bar was crowned by the chroniclers as the place with the best opening this year, recognition that played with the salvation and powder Wine Bar. As an approach from the port of el Callao in Peru to the capital bar Chalaca intends to bring the flavour of Peruvian Buenos Aires recipes within reach of the Chilean. «Cook feels very satisfied to see the harmony that there is outside the kitchen, the work performed by each», count Maximiliano Chahua, chef of the Chalaca bar of Costanera Center.
The name comes, how not, the Peru: Chalaca is an inhabitant of the people who live in El Callao. «The girls cevicherías, that were made in el Callao, which in turn was the area where all the immigrants came. There are so many immigrants had many cultures. In Peru we have a dish that blends Peruvian fish with the concept that brought Italians: Basil, Oyster emulsion. «Then that is the concept: cebicheria more that same immigrants may have contributed», has the chef of the Chalaca bar about the influences that receives its Charter.
In his letter, we can highlight milk’s Tiger – white juice generated by cooking the ceviche, Peruvian stew and until a sanguche of shrimp, among other offerings.
Vikran Thadani and experience Rishtedar in competition with bar Chalaca and Cabrera, the recognition of best foreign food fell on the Rishtedar, typical Indian food restaurant. «I felt Indian food here was not 100% real.» They were always looking for food that seemed most exclusive. What Rishtedar wanted to do is to make Indian food as it is in India: bring the entire naan, bring original spices… give the original flavor of them,»says Vikran Thadani, owner of the Rishtedar, which would literally mean ‘family’ in hindi.
The local was born as a fusion between Arabic and Indian, food but members of the business were completed, decanting the Indian tradition. «In the Rishtedar, there is more than a meal in itself an experience. Your you enter and you put the bindi, at the end you have the Auld mug, the smell, the aroma… India itself is culture, dressing. When you go to the Rishtedar more to find flavors you’ll by an exclusive experience. Not in the sense of VIP, but a unique experience,»says Vikram.
Much of the experience brings her own food, completely different to the Chileans, accustomed as I said Thadani: «is super healthy, very light, in the sense that it takes not much dressing or spices. That a Chilean is capped with a meal that is completely the opposite. For this reason the test much. Here the flavored that we would be the pebre. Beyond the basics takes 32 dressings, which is the masala».
Powder, for gourmets and winemakers by equal Federico Ziegler was recognition as chef revelation, for his work in charge of powder Wine Bar cuisine. Argentine Cook took the award with humility: «each one of those has always brought a grain of sand to this, and well, the summary is this award, which only one does nothing, does not carry this place anywhere, this team does it».
Dust is located in Constitution 187, Providencia, next to the Bellavista Mori theater. As its name implies, powder is intended to be a benchmark in terms of wines: has a rotating menu of more than 100 wines, with 30 options every month, with which guests can choose to enjoy a drink or take directly a bottle.
«We have made a connection between the wine and gastronomy since we want to give the importance to small artisans, both in the wine as small producers, which has been done a great research of very thought, wine list that one really cannot find in other places because they are very tiny, and we want them to show «, says Ziegler on its offer.
But in addition dust also offers gastronomy at the same time their drinks. «We accompany all wines with food, making artisan cheese, charcuterie products from other regions.»

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