translated from Spanish: What’s new with WhatsApp: you can decide if you want to enter a group and Comptroller restricts its use at work

these last few days have been news period for WhatsApp application, which recently premiered a feature that allowed you choose if you want to be part of a conversation group or not. “Ultimately you can choose between three options so that another user you add to a group of WhatsApp:” all “,”My contacts”or”None”.” All”means that the system will remain as you have so far. “My contacts” will allow only your contact you add, and “Nobody” block this function. To choose is to go to settings > account > privacy > groups and click on one of the three options. If you activate the option “Nobody” will get you a notice that you have to accept or reject. To do this, you will have 72 hours or it will be rejected automatically. On the other hand, the Comptroller had settled an old questions about the use of Whatsapp work spaces, in particular with respect to the delivery of information concerning the work, even outside office hours. The House of Contralorito said that “it is fully effective that those (working instructions) are carried out through messages sent to institutional electronic mailbox provided by each employee”. I.e., all work must be sent through official channels such as emails, objecting to the use of Whatsapp as a means to send “institutional guidelines”. In this regard they explained this with a didactic tweet:

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