translated from Spanish: Apple Music surpasses Spotify subscribers in the United States

San Francisco, 5 APR (EFEUSA)-Apple Music, the platform of music subscription “streaming” of Apple, surpassed the 28 million users in the United States in February and stood for the first time by in front of Spotify, which that country has 26 million paying subscribers, today published the Wall Street Journal.Ni Apple and Spotify have confirmed these figures officially (Apple might do later this month when to present financial results), so Rotary New Yorker cited sources without identifying knowledgeable of the reality of both companies. Spotify is still the great Dominator of the music in “streaming” around the world, but with this “life”, Apple Music achieved a major symbolic blow to snatch the number 1 in one of the most important markets of the world, the U.S., and where is they concentrate the majority of ‘global’ artists.

AFP the music service of the company of the bite Apple grew on average in recent months in the U.S. a 2.6 to 3%, while his Swedish rival did so at a rate of between 1.5 and 2%. These figures only include users of payment, if they are also computed for those who listen to music on Spotify for free on the version that integrates advertising, Swedish platform is by delate of Apple Music in the United States. UU. Across the globe, Spotify has 207 million active users, of which 96 million are paying subscribers, while Apple Music, which does not offer free service based on ads, unlike its competitor has about 50 million subscribers in the world.

AFP of Apple Music good behavior is a positive signal for the strategy of the company from Cupertino (California) bet on the online services with new payment platforms in areas such as the press, television and video games, as well as the music, in a You times that iPhone sales have stagnated. 

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