translated from Spanish: Association of Isapres accused “lack of seriousness and absolute improvisation” Government

once this Friday the Superintendence of health decided to lead back to the rule which postpones the deadline in two years for that isapres rebaj in the cost of health plans to those affiliates that age no longer in the most risky groups, the Isapres Association of Chile reacted with annoyance. Through a statement, the Agency said on the measure “we see a lack of seriousness and improvisation absolute respect of the modification of the circular which refers to tables of factors by the Superintendence of health. There is no certainty of anything in this sector”, accused the trade association. In addition, add “is standard and withdraws the norm”, accusing the Superintendency of endangering “the financial stability of institutions”, because this change – accuse companies – will involve costs that will have an impact of “several tens of thousands of” millions of pesos”. Finally, the Association States that “said total willingness to work in a reform that correct all the imperfections of the system. Therefore, is unacceptable, the level of uncertainty and improvisation that have shown the current health authorities and who have not financially assessed the impact of the measure”, said the statement.

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