translated from Spanish: Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid and Lionel Messi added a new record

El Camp Nou received a vibrant party before hand, Atletico Madrid was the last chance to deduct points directly and thus dream of fighting for the title. On the other hand, the local Assembly had to impose it to devote himself to think directly at the crossroad before Manchester United for quarterfinals of Champions League.En the middle of that, Lionel Messi was chasing one record more, accompanied by the group. If it won, became the player with the most victories in the history of La Liga, with 335 wins, surpassing the 334 of Iker Casillas, after his departure from Real Madrid to Porto, and thus attained it.

Luis Suárez scored his goal N ° 124 in the League and came within 1 goal of Forlan as Uruguay with more goals. Photo: Twitter @FCBarcelona_es party was even up to 30 minutes of game. There, a strange situation as the protagonist to the arbitrator Gil Manzano and Diego Costa, ended with the expulsion of the Spanish for an alleged verbal assault. From there, it was all of Barcelona who had the complication of facing Jan Oblak.No was to 85 minutes of game mattress goalkeeper was outstanding figure of game, but Lucho Suarez was stronger. With a precise right against a stick, put the 1 to 0 and ruled the game. However, the ’10’ had something saved fell to his left foot.

Messi boots before the brand Godin and Thomas to put the 2-0 final in Barcelona. Photo: Twitter @FCBarcelona to the minute of the first goal, Messi received by right and got into the area before brand José María Giménez, which seemed to stop their advance. However, Leo took the ball again and after several you amagues, gave a pass to the network, leaving no chances to goalkeeper and leaving ridiculed the closure of Godin in the company of Thomas.Con triumph in your pocket, Barcelona brought 11 points ahead at the top in the absence of seven faith Chas to the end, making it almost impossible for Atletico in the Cholo to revert the image. Meanwhile, Messi continues to add records for history and dreams of return to lift the Champions League.

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