translated from Spanish: Benzema out the breed and gives the vitoria Madrid

photography/Twitter Spain-Karim Benzema ratified to the Eibar that no one can make you responsible for the worst season in the Real Madrid in decades. The French striker returned to save the team, as the last Sunday before the Huesca, and with two headers sealed the comeback of a Real Madrid that was surpassed in the first part, to the despair of the few fans (50.284, data from the club) who came to the Santiago Bernabeu on a cold and rainy afternoon.
With Sergio Ramos resting by Zidane and Marcelo sanctioned decision, this time played appear in eleven to Nacho, Reguilón (unpublished so far with the French) and Valverde, who formed a centre of the field unable to take control of the match with Isco and Modric.
Despite an early chance for whites (a clear hand Bale failed to Dmitrovic, although VAR would have cancelled it out of play), the most sought after area was Keylor Navas.
The first shock for the hosts came after a ball lost by Varane, followed by a center of Cucurella Cardona not reached by centimeters.
The Eibar dominated and to create danger enough cross a ball into the area. Five of the rest, using the Bernabeu already muttered fearing the worst, Escalante marked is a jugadón in the area. It penetrated, waited patiently and found Cardona with a sensational pass.
The forward, with Keylor Navas already on the ground, outpointed him up and the Bernabeu broke already whistling openly. Improvement after the break the first shot at door of Madrid, far away from Modric shot, nothing more came beginning the second time.
Ramis injury reduced one iota the defensive strength of the Eibar, and Benzema (which had a goal cancelled minutes before) managed the tie with a goal by centre-forward: a headbutt stung after a center – right – Asensio almost from the corner.
Nine of the final, the French striker returned to emerge in the area and back of head, put Real Madrid ahead, this time to pass from Kroos, who has just left the field. Yet it failed to resolve the party with a hat trick, but it was not right in his tresocasiones: in the first encountered Dmitrovic; in the second, after the goalkeeper, it topped high after pass from Lucas Vázquez; in the third, already in the discount, he ran into the post.
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