translated from Spanish: Deputy Santana assumes the Presidency of the Socialist Youth committed to the unity of the opposition

in a ceremony at the former National Congress was the change of command of the Young Socialists (JS) which assumed the Presidency the Deputy for District 4, Juan Santana. Regarding the charge that assumes, the Deputy said that it is «a very important moment because it allows us to start a new cycle of the Socialist Youth of Chile which, for some, pick up the work done during these years, but that assumes challenges having to do with the new political cycle that our country is living». The event was attended by paralmentarios of the Socialist Party as the Leonardo Soto deputies and Senators Carlos Montes, Álvaro Elizalde and José Miguel Insulza, but also other party members, including Communist Deputy Amaro Labra and leaders of movements of the front Amplio.En that line, Santana added that «seems to us fundamental to struggle in unity of parties and political forces in opposition to confront the conservative sectors of our country». And closed his remarks by making it clear what are the objectives of its mandate: «we must put more of us, more ideas, more program, more content because that at the end of the day is what will enable to bring together opposition political forces, to face good «way the elections muncicipales and subsequently the presidential».

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