translated from Spanish: Ellen Page and homophobia in the film industry: «Said Me that people could not know that she was a lesbian»

It’s been five years since the actress Ellen Page, publicly acknowledged his homosexuality during a Conference on the rights of the LGBT community in Las Vegas.
From that moment, the renowned actress of «Juno» and «Inception», he began to manage campaigns and activities in lathe to the defense of the rights of homosexuals. Among them, he created the program «Gaycation» which shows the reality of LGBT people in countries where «have no rights and are persecuted by those who are».
In this context, the young Canadian said during an interview with Diva how received pressures «to be more feminine», and above all to not tell that she was a lesbian.
«When I started to become known, people in the industry told me ‘people may not know that you are a lesbian’. I was depressed, often forced to wear dresses and heels in events and photo shoots. As if lesbians do not carry dresses and high heels», said Page.
During his adolescence and youth, Ellen described that you lived «very, very in the cupboard», even when he began to have appointments with women, avoided the tokens of affection in public and asked not to come out together the sites to avoid the press. «Barely touched another woman in public until age 27», said.

Despite remaining «in the closet» for years, since Ellen Page took their sexual orientation, never allowed that «nobody put me into something that does not feel comfortable». In this sense, the actress highlighted how in the last ten years the situation of LGBT people, specifically in the Hollywood industry, has gradually changed.
«I remember when I was twenty years old and believed that it was impossible for my coming out.» But, with time and with more representation, hearts and minds have changed. Does not go fast enough and not go far enough, particularly in the most marginalized communities. But things improve,»mused.
In this way, when Page decided to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality, he described that «something turned on me; and not just emotionally. «Because physically I was also wrong: he suffered from panic attacks, had stomach problems», featured the actress.
However, «the next day do it public I went to re-record a few shots and people told me that it seemed different. And I answered: ‘Damn, right yes?’ «, recalled.»

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