translated from Spanish: «It is causing depressions and lower job performance»: Girardi calls emergency Bill that recovers geographical time of Chile

Senator Guido Girardi, President of the Commission of the future and a member of the Health Commission of the Senate called this Saturday, in the framework of the timetable change to «legislate with evidence cie» ntifica»and bring urgency to the Bill is in the Senate Chamber-«made with the team of neuroscience of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso»- and which proposes to recover the geographical schedule of Chile.
The legislator said that «we must synchronize the Sun with the body’s circadian rhythm, all living beings are made to wake to sunlight and has stimulating effects on hormones essential in life. Artificial light is 10 thousand times less powerful.»
Girardi explained that «we have a schedule system where we do not wake up with the sunrise. On Friday came out at 8 in the morning and children woke up at 6.30 and that generates a ‘sleep debt’ or a social lag jet and there is scientific evidence that have less concentration, more sleepiness and accidents.»
In his view «is also shown that there’s increased risk of heart attack (5 to 25%), increase in obesity, diabetes, depression, drug use and is therefore a critical issue».
The PPD member recalled that you alongside «the team’s most important neuroscience of Chile, where the prize is national science Ramón Latorre and John Ewer, elaborate a draft law which says that Chile should modify their schedules.» «That we will have this midnight is reasonable because it is closest to the Sun and biologically human beings need sunlight much more in the morning than in the afternoon».
Girardi said that «in Europe and other countries of the world is progressing towards a single schedule and according to its geographical position, we propose that the time we are going to adopt, Greenwich – 4, we keep it until April 2020 and then move on to Greenwich – 5, and there really adapt e» l when leaving the Sun with the awakening of the people».
The Senator reiterated that «this is essential. because he is causing depression, truancy, reduced job performance and this is scientifically proven worldwide «We can do things backwards by legislating without scientific basis and meet other interests».

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