translated from Spanish: Mauricio Pinilla: «Scoring a nice goal against classic rival is like a dream»

national striker Mauricio Pinilla didn’t hide his happiness when referring to the big premiere which had with the casaquilla of Coquimbo Unido, marking a goal nothing less than to Colo Colo in the ‘pirate’ victory by 2-0 in a lawsuit by the seventh date of 2019 National Championship. lee also: Mario Salas and fall to Coquimbo: «I think we were overmatched in any field» {related = ‘Pinigol’, who did not see action nine months ago, joined the 65′ by Jean Paul Pineda and 10 minutes later left his scoring trail,} defining with an accurate header in the ‘hot zone’ after a measured Center of John Chambers. After the final whistle at the ‘Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso’, formed in University of Chile declared that «happy, suddenly one never imagines enter and scoring a nice goal against classic rival of small personally. It’s like a dream. Happy because these people I waited too long. «Had doubts about how he was going to give, after several injuries is given the chance to play today and is a dream». In addition, the ’15’ of the coquimbanos referred to the long time that was free to play. «It’s been very hard and difficult. I spent horrible months not I give it to anyone, but I’m here, I came back to play, and I made a goal to Colo Colo»Express. Finally, consulted by the blunders he received from the swollen colocolina, Pinilla was limited to say that «I loved the blunders and puteadas.» There are some people who have me angry because I’m identified with the ‘U’. This wonderful people of port he deserved it».

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