translated from Spanish: Patricia Bullrich: “we believe that Alberto Samid will be expelled from Belize”

once the businessman was arrested in Belize, after fleeing Argentina across the border with Paraguay, the Argentine Government seeks their return and all indi roads It can that will be driven out of the Caribbean country, and during the next week will return to the country. Regarding this situation, Minister Patricia Bullrch clarified some situations on Samid and remarked that “he had another alternative, which was to go to justice and not leaking as well”. “An attitude as well before the Justice made to open a search perspective, because somehow it is mocking.”

“Four days ago that was raised is output. We all the time know that he was there because we have built good international relations. We were only waiting for Interpol, because we are asking the international capture”, stressed the Minister of security of the nation, TN. On the current situation of Samid, added that “he is at a police station in San Pedro and the decision will be that of the expulsion” that “within a few days is seated before the Court which has to occur”. “We have sent two officers of the Federal Police to accompany that expulsion, so you can come and sit in the judgment”.

Bullrich said that Alberto Samid will be expelled from Belize. Photo: NA entrepreneur faces trial for conspiracy, presented more than two decades ago, but it was not on the wanted list. “Samid had no arrest warrant. The trial had been postponed and played with the prescribed times, when the days that were running were important. It is a cause that it is unfortunate that justice has been 23 years”, added Bullrich.Respecto to the possibility that the output of meat entrepreneur sees unable by the fact that Belize has no extradition, the Minister said:”I don’t think that complications there are. By migratory arguments can be expelled and is what will happen this time.” “We believe that if the day Monday is expelled, between Wednesday and Thursday could be in Argentina”, closed.

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