translated from Spanish: Sergio Massa seeks allies: «With Roberto Lavagna are on the same path»

Sergio Massa began the month of April with his candidacy for President of the nation by alternative Federal. With the idea of staying with the representativeness of the PJ, the former Mayor of Tigre referred to possible alliances to overcome change, among which to Roberto Lavanga, highlighted as the one who is closest to their ideas.» We spent much time discussing names and shrugging off others. It must be up to the Argentina is destroyed by the economic model of Government. From 2015 we empeoramos as a country», slipped during an interview on Radio La Red.

Sergio Massa during his presentation of candidacy for President. Photo: Twitter @SergioMassa regard to Lavagna, who already anticipated that will not run on an internal and he stressed that it has the same project, stressed that it is a possibility and with whom he goes «on the same path». «We want to build an alternative and finish the business of the crack, which impoverished us and pushed us to the decline,» concerned about the thought of both on a new Government.» The Argentina needed a broad Government coalition, which includes not only the policy, we need entrepreneurs, workers. It should retrieve values, Argentines lost their reference and credibility in the politicians,»emphasizes Massa, and among them is the name of Marcelo Tinelli, who has been close to Juan Manuel Urtubey.

Urtubey and Tinelli, a duo that it could consolidate the elections. Photo: @UrtubeyJM «see him putting the body and the heart. Nearly 20 years ago that I know him, always had concern for the public. Every one from his place is the country to succeed. It is a decision of whether it will or not candidate. Never kept quiet than thought to suffer attacks and smear campaigns», he stressed on the driver. Finally, referred to Fernández de Cristina Kirchner, who also could return to the Presidency within the party. «Do not speak with her for nine years, not is going to do.» «The Government intends that, in opposition, let us discuss names, you have to discuss is a project for a country and a government program», fired Massa.En this note:

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