translated from Spanish: The grand gesture that will have justice and defense in the game against Racing Racing

and defence and Justice gave a thrilling Superliga final stretch, however, the stumbles at the end of the Varela team not allowed him to get the advantage necessary so that the last date, Court of the Academy, you can dispute the title. However, the team still has a great goal. Finish in second place and a season that is memorable, which managed to pass to the Copa Libertadores, is the main challenge that will have the Falcon when it goes to the Court of the champion, already preparing celebrations once you finish the game. However, the President has already announced that the club will be added to a respectful greeting.
As like in the big leagues of the world, Diego Lemme asked the authorities and players of defence and justice will honor Hall champions, in a gesture which will set a precedent for the future.» We see this in other countries, why not we can do it here also? We want to greet the champion, who succeeded with all merit,»said the President during an interview, where he said that Racing was a fair winner of the tournament, which has ruled for more than 20 dates. Lemme also remarked that this order was elevated to the Super League authorities, to avoid trouble, and also remarked that the Defense players and coach Sebastián Beccacece agreed with the decision.

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