translated from Spanish: «There is more to investigate, Gil Vega’s death was suicide»: PGJCDMX

the capital Prosecutor Ernestina Godoy said that in the case of the death of the musician Armando Vega Gil no more to investigate because it was a suicide, and stated its absolute respect the movement of complaints against sexual harassment known as MeToo.
«Is accredited that was actually a suicide.» We don’t have more thing what investigate. Experts thus determined it», he said at a press conference when questioned about if they will investigate to those operating such sites in Mexico.
Armando Vega Gil, bassist of the band Botellita de Jerez, suicide was the early morning of 1 April.
The incident took place when the musician was accused by a young woman of sexual harassment when he was 13 years old, in the context of the #MeTooMúsicosMexicanos movement.
Read: #MeTooEscritoresMexicanos: women denounce harassment and sexual violence in the literary field «Absolute respect for this movement», said the head of the Attorney General of Justice of the city of Mexico, who stressed: «don’t want to there is not abuse, or harassment, or anything», but not»we are pressed to women so that they come to denounce».
The official said that if they want to denounce the city attorney’s Office is open, but if they do not the information that is handled in these networks serves to generate public policies and programs. «Absolute respect for these pages».
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