translated from Spanish: They freed the teacher who sent a sex tape to a 14-year-old

El Colegio Inmaculada Concepción de Santa Fe student lives a few weeks of upheaval, once you give to know the sexual relationship that maintained a teacher of geography at 34 years c on a 14-year-old student, who parents discovered a pornographic video of the Professor, and he denounced it. Local authorities had ensured that she decided to leave the province to Chaco and closed social networks. However, on the afternoon of Thursday was arrested and transferred to the transit station of women, where was released in the afternoon of Friday. Once you transcend the fact and of the denunciation of the parents of the student, the Ministry public the indictment of Santa Fe (MPA) investigates the alleged Commission of the crime, from a presentation of the own teacher and another from the Ministry of education of the province .» The only fact that we have is circulating a video of her, particularly, and that video came to the minor. Else is in secret with the Ministry, so that they tell us how to act and what we have to in public. Everything is in the hands of them», had claimed the father of the student. Now, the Prosecutor Federico Grinmerg, who received the presentation of the Ministry of education will seek to determine determine whether there was a crime against the teacher, since now he investigates whether the Professor sent pornographic material to the student or if it was hacked and someone sent it from your mobile phone.

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