translated from Spanish: U.S. sanctions to dozens of cargo ships carrying oil from Venezuela to Cuba

The United States Government announced Friday the implementation of economic sanctions against 35 cargo ships used to transport oil from Venezuela to Cuba.
«Cuba has been a strength of bottom feeding Venezuela falling into crisis. «Treasury is taking action against ships and entities that transport oil and offer a vital aid to maintain the illegitimate regime of (Nicolas) Maduro», said the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, through a press release.
«Cuba continues to benefit and supporting the illegitimate regime of mature through schemes of oil by repression as he tries to keep to Maduro in power,» he said to justify the sanctions.
The Venezuelan Government has said these new sanctions against the country to violate international law.
The measures affect 34 boats which are owned or are operated by the State Venezuelan Pdvsa, as well as an additional tanker which, according to Washington–was used in February and March to carry Venezuelan crude to Cuba.
It is the boat Despina Andrianna, owned by Ballito Bay Shipping Incorporated, based in Liberia, but operated by the Greek company ProPer In Management Incorporated, headquartered in Athens.
Both companies have also been subject to U.S. sanctions.
These actions of Washington involve freezing assets that these companies have in United States as well as the ban so that they use the US financial system or to carry out negotiations with companies in that country.
More pressure on mature the shipping of oil from Venezuela is a central element of the agreements between Caracas and Havana.
These new measures are added to a set of previous sanctions taken by the Government of Donald Trump to exert pressure on the Government of Venezuela.
Washington believes that President Nicolas Maduro illegitimately occupied the Presidency of Venezuela, having won an election whose validity is questioned.
Trump Government recognizes to the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as the legitimate ruler of Venezuela.
Mature, for its part, points out that Trump is promoting a coup against her in order to take over the natural resources of Venezuela.
This Friday, the Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, met in Houston – oil city par excellence of this country-with members of the Venezuelan community, who reiterated the support of Washington for guided.
Venezuela and Cuba became great allies after the arrival to power in 1999 by Hugo Chávez.
Under his Government, Caracas and Havana have signed numerous cooperation agreements having as basis the shipment of Venezuelan oil to the island, in Exchange for which the Cuban Government sent doctors, counselors and sports coaches in different areas.
Critics of these relationships ensure that Cuba exerts an undue interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, and in particular, within its armed forces. A claim that both Governments reject.

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