translated from Spanish: Dog lies next to the body of his master who had died run over by train in NL

home Mexico dog lies next to the body of his master who had died run over by train in NL photography / CEN, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. -These are harrowing images of a loyal dog sitting next to the body of his owner who died after being hit by a train. The 57-year old victim, referred to in the reports as Victor Reyna Vázquez, had been drinking alcohol near the train tracks when he was hit by a train and killed in the early hours of the morning, according to preliminary investigations. The staff of the Red Cross attended the emergency was surprised to find the victim dog sitting next to your body.
They reported that the animal had to be removed forcibly from the scene so that the human body could become paragraph tract. Reports indicate that the dog tried to bite one of the police officers and paramedics that they tried to remove it to its owner. The incident took place in the railway of Montemorelos, in the northeast of the Mexican State of Nuevo León.

Local residents claim that the owner of the dog was an alcoholic and that the pet had accompanied him for several years. It is not clear if the dog has been placed in a shelter, although users of social networks have asked it to adopt. The ‘Marychuy Zamarron’ surfer wrote: ‘ we have many things to learn from the animals, and now I wonder who is more animal, them or us ‘.
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