translated from Spanish: Elections in Rio Negro: Weretilneck fired on opponents

this Sunday April 7 elections will take place in the province of Río Negro and its current Governor, Alberto Weretilneck – impeded by Justice to go by his re-reeleccion-attacked against his opponents by signing this decision as «a political decision». «We are convinced that the Constitution allowed us be candidates that we introduce ourselves.» In fact we’ve had favorable decisions, more Peronist traction after three judges decided otherwise,»he said in dialogue with the press. Consulted envelope if it believed that it was a political failure, replied affirmatively.
«It was a very unusual, very rare campaign: first because our opponents appealed only to the prosecution of the second electoral process by the absence of proposals.» It is to highlight that any kind of violence there is, but from our point of view, we witness to the prosecution and to the prohibition in the case of mine. Then, much respect, much tolerance between all candidates», he added. Finally, the formula presented together are Black River front (which represents Weretilneck) was composed of Arabela Carreras and Alejandro Palmieri: «beyond that Alberto is or not on the ballot, will prevail in a strong spirit of Rio Negro: no impact on anything that» I am not; will the same result that I had obtained get Arabela and Alejandro».

In terms of the phrase that the provincial leader was popularized in the environment («Arabela Government, Weretilneck to power»), responded: «I’m going to be very respectful of decisions that take Arabela, of the Government team that according to and future actions, although there is a continuity».

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