translated from Spanish: For the first time, the Vatican received representatives of the LGBT community

the meeting occurred just a few days after the disclosure of an interview in which father Francisco tried to clarify his controversial sayings, those that suggested vis ITAR a psychiatrist to parents who detected homosexual tendencies in their children. «Now, the Vatican first received representatives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, who claimed the Holy see which condemn the ‘criminalisation’ suffering in more than 70 countries and make a public statement to» clarify»its position on the matter. During his recent interview with the Spanish journalist Jordi Évole, Francisco insisted consult a professional before the warning of «weird stuff», but added: «once the gay attitude is fixed, that man or that woman homosexual has the right to a family. And that father and mother are entitled to a child, come as it comes.»
«And don’t you may take home any son or daughter homosexual.»

On Friday, members of LGBT organizations around the world joined a group of the Inter-American Institute of human right (IIDH), which led to the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the conclusions of a report on the «criminalization sexual relations between persons of the same sex». The study reported «serious violations of international human rights law» in 10 Caribbean Territories, particularly British colonies. Parolin thanked information and assured that it will be studied carefully and that «the Holy See will act accordingly».
What he said Argentina’s present at the meeting, «It has been a historic moment and a very important first step,» said Filo.News at the end of the meeting Pedro Paradiso, leader of the Homosexual community of Argentina and executive director of ILGA, the Association International Gay, lesbian, bisexual, Trans and intersex, which brings together more than a thousand 500 NGOs from 100 countries.
«There are still 70 countries that criminalize homosexuality, six countries that it is punished with the death penalty. «Urgent is that the leaders of the world to speak against criminalisation, making it are saving lives». 

Argentine lawyer, one of the 51 participants of the meeting, added that «necessary to work and understand the historical context of an institution that has persecuted and condemned us. This new step will open the door to hope… We appreciate that we have received and appreciate it.» Despite not having been received by the Pope, the delegation felt that the meeting was led by Francisco himself.
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