translated from Spanish: Frei nose-dive against the UC for the murder of his father: points to Luis Castillo as a «scapegoat» for the University

The former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle this Sunday spoke of the case of the death of his father, the also Uribe, Eduardo Frei Montalva. In his view, still lack the Catholic University assume its responsibility. In addition, he said, as opposed to the request by the Christian Democrats and their sister Carmen Frei, is not interested in asking for the resignation of Undersecretary of health, Luis Castillo.
«The case of Luis Castillo is the classic case of how shy the underlying problem.» There is a very high responsibility of the Universidad Católica», said the Central Canal 13 table program. For Frei, Castle «is a scapegoat for many people, especially for the Catholic University».
Alluding to the House of studies, Frei called «once and for all tell them the country because they have hidden for 30 to 35 years all what they did».
At the same time, the Ambassador in the Asia-Pacific accused that there are many responsibilities pending of the authorities of the House of studies, as well as collaborators and accomplices in the death of his father.
«All the heads of all the Deans of medicine, pathology, rectors have never worked». He added.
In the same vein, Frei asked that those responsible for «go to court or the Minister Madrid, or the Court of appeals or the Supreme and tell them the truth. and if they don’t want it is give to justice, which will give the Government».
The former President criticized the subsequent attitude that took the PUC after the failure of the judge Alejandro Madrid. «Never, never had done something similar,» he said.
«Between gallos y medianoche, last November, put the name (of Frei Montalva) to a room. No one from the family was invited! «, he said.

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