translated from Spanish: In Egypt, discover a tomb with cats and mice mummified

photos / Internet Egypt.-the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt announced its latest discovery of a conserved double cemetery containing the remains of a man, his spouse, and animals mummified, including cats and mice.
Scientists believe that the discovery of the Ptolemaic period, dating back more than 2,000 years ago. The tomb was found in the town of Akhmim, near Sohag.
«It is one of the most exciting discoveries in the area,» said doctor Mustafa Waziri, Secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The Tomb consists of two rooms covered with drawings and inscriptions in colors. The most impressive discovery was 50 animals and a human Mummy. Eagles, hawks, mountain goats, cats and mice were found mummified in the Tomb.
According to the Ministry, the entrance to the cemetery was uncovered after the arrest of a gang trying to smuggle artifacts out of the side of a hill. After an investigation, the site was transferred to Waziri and his team for the archaeological excavation.

It is believed that the Tomb belongs to a high-ranking called TuTu and his spouse T-Cheret Isis official. Perfectly preserved inscriptions cover the walls, including the names of the members of the family of the deceased. Colors that fill the tomb of two rooms have been preserved remarkably.
The excavators found two coffins of limestone with human burials, as well as a collection of animals, which indicates that the tomb was reused in later periods, the Ministry said. A preserved human mummy was also found in the Tomb.
Source: CNN

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