translated from Spanish: In total would be 20 the researched by cases of corruption in Rancagua Court

according to reported by Radio Bio Bio, there are at least 20 investigated for crimes related to corruption among the judges of the Court of Ap relations of Rancagua. Eleven would be judicial officers and the other nine lawyers in the sight of the Prosecutor Sergio Moya. The Chief Prosecutor of the unit of high complexity of the prosecution of Rancagua directs a research – now desformalizada – for alleged payments they would have received three Ministers of the Court of appeals of Rancagua in Exchange for favorable decisions and appointment of notaries and officials of the Judicial Branch in the region of O’Higgins. In addition to this, on April 26, Moya will charges for illicit enrichment and corruption to the proprietor’s appeal of the region, the Minister Emilio Elgueta. Investigating judge for deposits, cheques and transfers which would have been agreed after contacts with lawyers from the square and appointments of notaries and bailiffs for a total of 32 million pesos in five bank accounts. In the investigation of the Prosecutor Moya joined as defendants the Court of appeals of Rancagua Ministers: Marcelo Vásquez and Marcelo Albornoz. The first already handed over to the public prosecutor’s office copy of its statements of accounts from 2016 to date and said that “it has not received payment”. In addition, the Marauder is eyeing the Secretary of the Court of appeal, Hernán González, responsible for the distribution of the causes, which appears in wiretaps with a doctor convicted of drug trafficking, revealed by the Radio. Is also investigated the judge warranty of Rancagua, Gianni Libreti, by a transfer to Elgueta by one million pesos just after being appointed head of the Court, and whose spouse, Nora Arriagada, was appointed Notary in Gimpy with the votes of the same judge and Minister Vásquez. As suspected accomplices are the Court of appeals lawyers who were failures without opposing Elgueta and Vasquez. It’s Alvaro Barría Chato, appointed Notary and Litueche conservative; Claudio Sepúlveda, current lawyer of the Intendencia de O’Higgins and José Briceño. Join them three officers who made deposits to the Minister to Elgueta. Prosecutor Moya also investigates Gabriel Henríquez, Rodrigo Guerrero Roman, Claudio Valenzuela, Pablo Latorre, Alex Ruz, Juan Francisco Catalán, Luís Felipe Leon Pincheira, Victor Beltran, named notary in San Vicente, and Muta Adams, spouse of Beltran, attorneys They practices in the room which was a member of Elgueta and Vasquez and had “allegations of Hall” with both before getting favorable decisions. According to the medium, the prosecution will begin this week to emanate the subpoenas to testify to the alleged involved in this Web of corruption.

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