translated from Spanish: Linked to process former magisterial leader for embezzlement in Chihuahua Chihuahua

-the Prosecutor’s Office of Chihuahua linked to process to former leader of section 8 of the National Union of education workers (SNTE), Alejandro «n», for their alleged involvement in the diversion of 220 million pesos from the public purse. Elements incriminating that the agents of the public prosecutor’s Office presented were determinants for the detainee was linked to process. The accused was arrested the morning of Monday, April 01 by elements of the State Agency of research that completed you an order of apprehension turned under the criminal case 3464/18 for the crime of embezzlement Agravado.Derivado of research within the «Justice for Chihuahua», ministerial authority operation found evidence of the offence attributed to the former teachers leader in collusion with various officials of the Administration headed by Cesar Duarte Jaquez.

Alejandro «n» was linked to process by embezzlement. | Deflected courtesy of resources in the amount of one million 200 thousand pesos, requested by the Ministry of education and sports to the Secretary of the Treasury for so-called acquisition of 13 thousand school agendas, and which were diverted via the educational services of the State of Chi Huahua towards section 8th of the National Union of workers in education led by the accused. The judge of Control issued the auto linking to process against Alejandro V.A., under precautionary measures of preventive detention.

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