translated from Spanish: Luis Fonsi talks about his encounter with his former Adamari López (Video)

this week uproar caused the match between Luis Fonsi and Adamari López, who were married for four years. The Puerto Rican singer was interviewed by his former spouse in a new day of the Telemundo program, causing many reactions among the public.

Luis Fonsi at the photo of a new day, was greeted with a warm hug and kiss from Adamari López. Before this reunion with his former spouse, Puerto Rican singer spoke on the matter, hinting that much fuss was armed when they are actually friends. At an event in the city of Mexico, Luis Fonsi told the media: we have seen on many occasions before that, was not like the first time… well normal, as if nothing, we are friends.

Also the Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi said: «we support each other, I always wish him the best».

On the other hand, Toni Costa (future spouse of Adamari López and father of her daughter, Alaia) reacted to the Ada meeting with Luis Fonsi. In talk with the program of Univision’s Despierta America said: «the first thing that as it was not in my year does me not hurt, the second thing well are two adults who shared his life, which were important for the other».
I therefore can’t do nothing but support my wife and nothing more. I cannot speak both in this regard because it does not affect me.

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