translated from Spanish: Marcos Peña: «the decision of the Vice President is President»

the election year is the main topic on the agenda and the pro-Government presidential formula was not yet confirmed. The jefe de Gabinete Marcos Peña said the decision will be taken «closer of the moment right, the closing of the lists». In dialogue with Radio Mitre, the official defined Gabriela Michetti as an «outstanding Vice-President». Pena predicted that «any man or woman of change can accompany it: either radicalism or the Coalition civic-ARI» and stressed that «the decision of the Vice Presidency corresponds to the President».
On the opposition, Peña felt: «is not relevant who is the competition. Importantly, with which ideas are competing. We represent an idea of change, of transformation, of future, more democracy and more economic development. «Others will represent a return to the past: how to call the candidate’s return the past we do not know, is a theme of the opposition». With respect to their attitude towards other spaces, said wishing that more candidates «represent an idea of transformation»: «Macri and all of us were the first to open the doors, arms for any idea, any Argentine, anyone who wants to Add to that. We have to be a large movement for change. Task would be much easier if the opponents to compete in that same dimension.» In this note:

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