translated from Spanish: Migrants desperate shortages of water and food in the southern border

Tapachula, Chiapas-spend the days and grows uncertainty and desperation of migrants after the repatriations have begun from the southeastern state of Chiapas, with the ll egada in convoys with agents of the Federal Police of Mexico, and the scarce water and food. In the vicinity of the 21st century in the city of Tapachula immigration station, more than 500 migrants already desperate remain in a tense wait to be attended by the National Institute of migration, while thousands more await inside to be them give a pass to cross the country. It is unknown if the Institute will give you the long-awaited document, and since last Thursday have already been repatriated more than 200 migrants, mostly Haitians and Cubans. 

EFE several migrants have sought what be used temporarily while waiting for the exit pass. They work on whatever is within their reach, as Óscar Steven García and Elvin René Arriola, of Honduras.» We are working, exercising what is our cuisine. Our wives do African braids and extensions», Elvin told Efe.Dijo hoping that» organizations that are supporting the migrants take letter on the matter to reactivate the pending migration process, because not all people come in are of » load; many people need to legalize, steady to be able to exercise his profession, trade or any way to survive.»» There are many people who might come in are stealing, but there are also people who leave their country due to the lack of opportunities, the oppression of the Government. That situation in our land we live because we don’t have opportunities, there is no opportunity for growth, opportunity to evolve,»said. 

EFE considered that they had not been deported «because we have looked for the way to survive, but if not, the authorities had sought retaliation against our culture». In migrant holding centres migrants living in precarious conditions, since they have no water or food, for which the situation threatens to get out of control with the risk of becoming a health emergency. Bhakta Bhattaai, originally from Nepal, said: «I come to Mexico for processing my papers to the United States. I work of Cook to win some money and continue travelling». He explained to Efe that if he could not cross to the United States, would like to stay in Mexico to work in restaurants because cooking a variety of dishes from their country. Similar stories and situations occur in the municipality of Mapastepec, where there are about 2,500 migrants of various nationalities fearful of repatriation. In addition to the fear of hunger and thirst, that keeps in the desperation of migrants hoping to pass out to continue their journey. 

«EFE several mothers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo expressed in Tapachula that need food, drinking water and diapers for the children, because they have more than 20 days in the camp set up outside of the station century XXI.» Here there is need. I have no food and it is very difficult here to take a bath,»said Dorian Ronda.Yfaula, another of the mothers, said at the same time:» here I have nothing, money, where to sleep where clean, there is no money. » We already spend everything. I want to help, please. I come with 3 children 4, 6 and one year one». Another woman said: «we need help; We are migrants, here we can not work. We don’t have water, it is very difficult here.»

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