translated from Spanish: Pablo Lyle pleads not guilty and will appear before a judge

actor Pablo Lyle Mazatlan faces a difficult situation, after having beaten a man in Miami, Florida, which died hours after the attack. The Sinaloa pleaded not guilty and will appear before a judge Monday. Program Despierta America announced that Pablo Lyle will appear Monday before a judge after the events of last March 31. The defense of Paul filed with judge Lisa Walsh a document where the actor pleads not guilty, however, their legal status has not been determined.

The actor Mazatlan, Pablo Lyle will appear before a judge Monday. Photo Instagram Pablo Lyle after Lyle aggression paid a fianzade $5,000 to stay in free but his situation was complicated when the elderly died. Sinaloense actor has received messages of support from his colleagues but has also been criticized by others. Such is the case of the Cuban actor Adrian Di Monte, who broke out against the actor and condemned their action.” This is outrageous… When the elderly poor of 63 years was a threat to no one, the type is so bad driver that did not put the truck in park and the truck was only… This is cowardly murder, and says why not to go to jail in Miami…, says at the end of the forceful message.
After the death of the adult, the Mexican actor issued a statement where indicated that it could not give any statements about what happened.” Hereby we inform you that the actor Pablo Lyle cannot give any statement on the incident in the city of Miami, Florida, United States, on March 31 of this year”, he says at the beginning of the comuicado. All off the family of the actor they are prohibited from talking about, because they don’t want to damage the delicate case that the actor is living at the moment.” To be an open case, by orders legal, Pablo Lyle, his family and team, are strictly forbidden to grant any kind of statement to the media… “, says the statement.

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